Shaping Bright Young Minds Through Integrative Learning

M&M 24-Hr Daycare Inc. aspires to be a complete source for early childcare and learning. Our center is taught by skilled and experienced educators focused on supporting your child’s growth.

Universal Pre-K for Four Years Old

1027 Walton Ave., Bronx, NY 10452

Having a comprehensive early childhood education is of vital importance to every child’s academic performance in later life. That is why our Pre-K for All program focuses on giving children a stronger sense of self and improving self-esteem. Teachers cultivate independent thinkers and ignite a love for learning in our children, all while focusing on math and reading skills.

The free, high-quality curriculum has a full-day (8:00 AM - 2:20 PM) filled with fun yet challenging, learner-focused activities. Click here to register.

Universal 3-K

1027 Walton Ave., Bronx, NY 10452

Through the 3-K for All program, we provide free, full-day early childhood education of the highest quality for young kids at three years of age. This curriculum focuses on cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Click here to register.

Birth to 2/3 years old

294 E 162nd St., Bronx, NY 10452

Our infant and early age toddler program offers a safe and engaging environment focused on play. Children will follow the Creative Curriculum that touches on sensory, experimental, and project-based daily schedules. Early Open to 6:00 PM.

Depends on schedule and location*

At M&M 24-Hr Daycare Inc., we understand that not every parent works a “9 to 5” schedule. That is why we offer comprehensive daycare services priced at affordable fees. We provide flexible scheduling, so our kids can be assured safe, supervised care.

733 E 236 St., Bronx, NY 10466

This program will cater to an open age group from 6 weeks to 13 years. We will apply the same concepts with a similar approach to learner-focused education.

Ask About Our Curriculum

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